We understand that the performance of your logistics is of high value. To allow you to focus entirely on your business, we take care of your fleet of vehicles and warehouse equipment through our comprehensive service offerings such as maintenance and repairs.

Navigating the complexities of intralogistics can be frightening, but rest assured, our team is here to provide fast support. From customer service to spare parts logistics, we're committed to actively engaging with and resolving any challenges that arise.

Our services, safety and training options, and availability of genuine spare parts guarantee that your operations uphold the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Trust us to keep your processes running smoothly.

Our key services also include intelligent energy management for batteries and chargers, as well as tire servicing and safety checks.

Full service

Enhance the performance of your fork lift truck with authentic rollers and wheels. Rely on the expertise of the manufacturer for optimal results. Explore our wide selection of rollers and wheels, designed to perfectly fit every fork lift truck model.


Enhance Your Operations with Replacements and Accessories

As safety regulations evolve and warehouse processes adapt, the need for updated fork lift trucks and warehouse peripherals arises. Often, simple component options suffice to meet these evolving requirements.

Here's why you should choose us:

1. Manufacturer Expertise: Benefit from our in-depth knowledge and expertise.
2. Extensive Product Range: Find solutions tailored to your specific needs.
3. Increased Productivity and Safety: Experience improved efficiency and safety in your warehouse.
4. Genuine Retrofits: Our genuine retrofits ensure your equipment meets the latest standards and regulations.

Fork lift truck requirements may change over time due to shifts in usage, safety standards, or legal mandates. Our retrofits address these changes swiftly and affordably, helping you maintain productivity and efficiency.

Our qualified service technicians are ready to customize your fork lift trucks or entire warehouse setup to meet your unique requirements.

Hydraulic oil service

Ensure the long-term reliability and durability of your vehicles through timely and professional hydraulic oil replacement, coupled with environmentally responsible disposal. Our experts are ready to handle this for you.

Benefits for You:
- Enhance operational safety and avoid costly repairs
- Protect the environment from oil pollution through professional and sustainable handling
- Transparent cost breakdown and service scheduling
- Minimize downtime
- Peace of mind with compliance with all legal regulations

Hydraulic oils are subjected to constant high pressure, temperatures, as well as dust and moisture in forklift operation. These factors can pose risks such as valve wear, corrosion, or hydraulic component sticking.

Regular and expert replacement is essential for maintaining a uniform and clean oil layer throughout the entire hydraulic system, ensuring optimal performance. Our services include:

- Suction of old oil and environmentally responsible disposal
- Tank cleaning and system flushing
- Refilling with certified Dunav quality oils
- Filter replacement (approximately once a year)
- Equipment maintenance
- Emergency service in case of hydraulic hose wear.

Security service

Your Advantage:
Adhering to deadlines for all legally required inspections
Enhanced warehouse safety
Manufacturer expertise
Long-term legally compliant operational readiness for your forklifts

Tire service

Discover the benefits:

- Save time with our on-site tire service, performing tire exchanges at your location
- Flexible appointments to accommodate your business schedule
- Fixed appointments for streamlined planning
- Ensure safety and maximize performance with our quality tires.


When you reach out to us, expect prompt dispatch of one of our highly skilled Service Engineers to your location. Equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic tools including laptops and specialized software, they swiftly diagnose faults and generate service reports on-site. Our service is stocked with a wide range of genuine spare parts, ensuring quick fixes and minimizing the downtime of your trucks.