Ensuring Safety with Genuine Parts

When it comes to your equipment, safety is the most important. That's why only genuine spare parts, backed by the manufacturer's expertise, can guarantee it. Our internal service department holds exclusive access to authentic spare parts. Utilizing these parts is crucial for maintaining optimal interaction among all components, ensuring maximum reliability and preserving the equipment's value.

Warranty Assurance with Genuine Parts

Certified quality and peace of mind come standard with genuine spare parts. These parts are engineered to meet the high-performance demands of forklift trucks and materials handling equipment. Opting for non-genuine parts can pose serious risks, leading to accidents and costly breakdowns.

Rollers and wheels

Enhance the performance of your fork lift truck with authentic rollers and wheels. Rely on the expertise of the manufacturer for optimal results. Explore our wide selection of rollers and wheels, designed to perfectly fit every fork lift truck model.

Enhance Efficiency: Choose from our wide selection of wheels and rollers to maximize performance in your warehouse.

Prioritize Safety: Ensure a safe working environment with customized wheels and rollers designed for your specific needs.
Ensure Reliability: Invest in original quality products to maintain long-term performance and versatility tailored to your business.

Spare parts

Replacements and accessories

As safety regulations evolve and warehouse processes adapt, the need for updated fork lift trucks and warehouse peripherals arises. Often, simple component options suffice to meet these evolving requirements.

Here's why you should choose us:
1. Manufacturer Expertise: Benefit from our in-depth knowledge and expertise.
2. Extensive Product Range: Find solutions tailored to your specific needs.
3. Increased Productivity and Safety: Experience improved efficiency and safety in your warehouse.
4. Genuine Retrofits: Our genuine retrofits ensure your equipment meets the latest standards and regulations.

Fork lift truck requirements may change over time due to shifts in usage, safety standards, or legal mandates. Our retrofits address these changes swiftly and affordably, helping you maintain productivity and efficiency.

Spare parts