Forklift Long-Term Rental

Stay flexible and technologically advanced with Dunav SRD's forklift long-term rental. Perfect for peak periods or permanent fleet expansion, our rental model lets you use state-of-the-art industrial trucks, AGVs, and forklifts without purchasing them.

Key Benefits:
- Access the Latest Vehicles: Use modern trucks with the latest technology.
- Flexible Contracts: Rent only what you need, with options to return or exchange vehicles as your needs change.
- Cost Transparency: Benefit from predictable monthly rates without tying up capital.
- No Ownership Risks: Enjoy full operational readiness without residual value risk.
- Full-Service Package: Receive tailored maintenance, battery, and security services from one source under one contract.
- High Availability: Ensure your trucks are ready when you need them, enhancing fleet productivity and planning reliability.

Our attractive monthly rates are fully deductible as operating expenses, keeping your equity intact. Plus, with our all-inclusive service packages, you get everything you need in one convenient

Why Choose Dunav SRD?

- Flexible and Reliable: Adapt your fleet easily to changing demands while maintaining high availability.
- Full-Service Convenience: Select from maintenance, battery, security, and more, all managed by us so you can focus on your business.
- Planning Security: Ensure operational readiness and cost efficiency, boosting your productivity.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and discover how our forklift long-term rental can support your business.

Need to move something? Simply rent it.

Unexpected breakdowns, seasonal surges, or sudden extensive work: Stay flexible and rent just the right amount of forklift capacity you need. Avoid unnecessary excess capacity and invest only the necessary capital.

When quick reaction is needed.

Is your business seasonal? Approaching a big outdoor event? Have a two-month project? Do your application sites vary? Whenever there's an extra or temporary need for transportation, our rental forklifts are the best choice. Whether it's for a day, month, or year – if you need forklifts or pallet trucks quickly, Dunav SRD is your reliable partner.

Always the right vehicle.

Whether it's heavy outdoor applications or classic pallet handling in the warehouse, whether it's pallet trucks, order pickers, or narrow-aisle forklifts, whether you need to move a few hundred kilograms or several tons, we will always provides the appropriate vehicle.

Including years of experience.

Our rental offerings start with good advice, so you can efficiently handle your tasks. This includes reliable application planning, delivery processes, and professional on-site instruction. All at a favorable rental price, which includes all costs.

Flexibility for success.

We don't tie you down. We adapt to your needs. This applies to rental periods and any necessary vehicle changes. If you want to use our forklifts and pallet trucks for a longer period or permanently, we offer various attractive options.