Industry competence

    Whether it is Retail and Wholesale, Food and Beverage, Logistics, Manufacturing, Automotive, Chemical Industry / Pharma, our company has expertise in all areas and suitable intralogistics solutions from one place. It is especially important that these solutions are modified not only to your industry, but also to your specific needs. Thanks to our strategies with expertise, you have competent people who are familiar with the intralogistics specificities of your industry. In this way, we ensure optimal interaction between people, storage transport vehicles, system components and software - whether in manual, semi-automatic or automatic mode of operation, or in large, medium or small production sites.


    Retail and wholesale

    In today's retail and wholesale landscape, speed, flexibility, and cost-efficiency are paramount for success, especially with the surge in e-commerce activity. Every minute counts in meeting customer expectations for swift delivery, particularly during peak sales periods.

    We understand these demands. Whether you need flexible storage and order picking solutions or an multichannel distribution center to manage diverse order types, we've got you covered. Our tailored logistics solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of the retail and wholesale sector, ensuring your business stays agile and competitive.

    Food and beverages
    In the dynamic food industry, automation, speed, and flexibility are key drivers of future trends. At Dunav SRD, we specialize in crafting logistics solutions that prioritize efficiency, hygiene, and safety for the timely production and distribution of food, beverages, and animal feed.
    Drawing on our expertise as leaders in logistics and intralogistics, we offer robust solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you're embracing digitalization, enhancing warehouse processes, or exploring the Internet of Things, our customizable solutions, powered by our Warehouse Management System, ensure efficiency and flexibility at every stage, with a focus on hygiene and safety.
    Our comprehensive offerings include specialized solutions such as automatic small parts warehouses and autonomous electric forklift trucks, optimizing space utilization and streamlining operations. High-bay racking systems cater to e-commerce food trade, facilitating rapid throughput and order processing.
    Flexibility is central to our approach. Automation not only saves time and costs but also enables you to navigate seasonal fluctuations seamlessly. Renting forklifts and industrial trucks ensures adaptability, keeping you competitive in this ever-evolving market.


    In today's global logistics, cost-efficient outsourcing is the norm. We provide customized solutions for your goods and supply chains, including storage, transport, and automation, ensuring your logistics processes stay future-proof.

    Facing challenges like shorter delivery times and complex distribution needs? We've got you covered. Our focus is on implementing cost-efficient, time-saving workflows while ensuring error-free processes and employee safety. With our robust IT infrastructure, including end-to-end shipment tracking, efficiency and transparency are guaranteed.

    Whether you're dealing with various load carriers or expanding product ranges, our tailored logistics solutions and extensive service network are at your service.

    From automation to energy-saving measures, our solutions cover it all. Benefit from industry-specific solutions like high-bay or narrow-aisle warehouses for optimal space utilization. 


    Industry 4.0 (integration of advanced technologies like IoT and AI into manufacturing for smarter, more efficient production) revolutionizes manufacturing with networking, saving time and money. We offer cutting-edge intralogistics solutions for metal processing, heavy industry, and mechanical engineering.

    Optimize and automate your material flow with AGV-based solutions. Save time, money, and minimize transport damage with efficient, reliable processes. Our intelligent Industry 4.0 solutions offer numerous benefits, allowing 24/7 flexible operation.

    Our Logistics Interface ensures seamless communication between warehouse technology and WMS. Perfect your warehouse processes in metalworking, heavy industry, or mechanical engineering.


    The automotive industry is undergoing a significant transformation, marked by trends like electric cars and smart factory construction. To thrive in this changing landscape, agility and logistical expertise are key.

    In today's globalized world, the automotive sector faces the challenge of managing complex supply chains efficiently. Speed, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability are paramount. This calls for innovative logistics solutions and cutting-edge technology across the entire supply chain.

    Meeting these demands requires flexible logistics processes capable of adapting to fluctuating demand. Technologies like RFID tags enable real-time tracking in the Internet of Things, ensuring seamless operations.

    If you are looking to optimize information flow in vehicle manufacturing, Dunav SRD offers advanced high-tech solutions customized to the automotive industry.

    Chemical industry and pharma

    In industries where safety is paramount, like chemicals and pharmaceuticals, meeting stringent regulations is non-negotiable.

    From secure storage of hazardous materials to warehouse automation, we provide customized services that prioritize safety and compliance at every stage. Our expertise guarantees adherence to safety and hygiene standards, safeguarding both workers and the environment.

    While speed is important, safety is never compromised. We deliver goods promptly while strictly following safety protocols. Our comprehensive solutions optimize efficiency without sacrificing safety, ensuring error-free operations.

    Our industry-specific solutions include forklift trucks with explosion protection, designed for safe handling in potentially hazardous environments. Moreover, our transport vehicles feature advanced safety features such as collision protection, enhancing warehouse safety.

    For increased safety and efficiency, we offer automated logistics solutions utilizing AGVs controlled by our intelligent Warehouse Management System. This minimizes human error and enables continuous operation, reducing costs for our clients.

    Trust in our future-proof systems to meet the evolving demands of the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.