Industry competence

    Whether it is retail or wholesale, logistics or industry - automotive, food processing or pharmaceutical industry, the company has expertise in all areas and suitable intralogistics solutions from one place. It is especially important that these solutions are tailored not only to your industry, but also to your specific needs. Thanks to our strategies with top skills, you have competent people who are familiar with the intralogistics specificities of your industry. In this way, we ensure optimal interaction between people, storage transport vehicles, system components and software - whether in manual, semi-automatic or automatic mode of operation, or in large, medium or small production sites.

    Retail and wholesale

    Outstanding speed and flexibility, together with optimal cost savings, are basic requirements for intralogistics processes in retail and wholesale. E-commerce representation primarily requires quick solutions for each customer.


    In the era of globalized logistics, cost-effective outsourcing of service providers is increasingly common. We offer a comprehensive range of support aimed at optimizing your products and supply chains, as well as custom-made automation solutions.


    With the help of the Dunav SRD, you are ready to master the new challenges of the field of its industry. Whether it's metallurgy, heavy industry and mechanical engineering, from process sourcing to digital networks, it's important to be ready for anything.

    In the automotive industry, where the focus is on e-mobility and autonomous driving, speed and a high level of intralogistics competence are key to success in this race to the future.

    In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, maximum speed must be combined with maximum safety, and we offer optimal solutions tailored to individual requirements, from storage of hazardous materials to automation.
    The food and beverage industry requires speed, flexibility and hygiene as key factors for successful logistics processes, and our intralogistics solutions are here to enable the production and distribution of food on time, adapted to every need and size of the company.